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Thousands of ultra-high velocity jets of intensive cold air are directed at both top and bottom surfaces of the product, blast away the boundary layer of air that holds heat around the product surface, leading to ultra-high heat exchange rate. Similar product dehydration to cryogenic freezing are possible because of the extremely short freezing times.

The impingement tunnel features maximising the impingement effect on a range of product thickness, as cryogenic freezing alternative with for predictable payback.

Each freezer can be customized to meet individual customer requirements.


High velocity air jets for impingement mode, true cryogenic alternative, half operating costs

Single and twin belt configuration

Stainless steel belt or plate, or plastic belts, a variety of belt widths Hygiene design, different levels of Clean-In-Place systems available

Customized reversing direction belt movement available


Full freezing quickly flat products maximum 35 mm thick like burgers patties, shrimp or fish fillets, or rapidly super chilling, crust-freezing meat logs and stabilize products maximum 165 mm thickn to improve performance, yield and hygiene in process of coating and slicing or dicing, or for safer chilling distribution. Impingement freezing can be utilised as re-freezing fish fillets and other seafood products after glazing.