Our goal is to provide more value for global food industry customers and grow ourself together with our customers.

FES is always supporting you with pre-sale advice, application, training, service and spare parts. Our skilled technicians drive for the optimal performance of your FES equipment.


Provide cost effective solution

Accurate sizing of equipment is critical to allow for the cost effective solution to be put forward. Therefore, we offer vital pre-sale support such as application evaluation, site survey, complete line assessment for compatibility and product testing, aim to help customer select appropriate system. We can also advise on the accompanying refrigeration station to ensure as much entire efficiency as possible, help customers achieve expected production revenue.


Know your exact product and process in advance

FES's laboratory testing equipment can simulate any freezing or chilling condition that our systems can offer, including variable air temperature, direction and speed to ensure that we select the suitable condition for your product. Each food product is tested for suitability against the range of conditions in our equipment portfolio before the appropriate system is finally selected.
Digital data logger monitors product temperature and dwelling times, to demonstrate exact process for your exact product. Testing on total moisture content ensures that product heat loads are accurately calculated.


Instant delivery of spare parts ensure you peace of mind, guarantee your FES equipment uptime!

FES prides itself on designing and manufacturing advanced and reliable food processing equipment. We do however hold sufficient stock of replacement parts with original manufacturer quality and can process instant delivery when required. Staff training and technical support for fitting spares is available. We can arrange for a site visit by FES engineer and advise on spare part kits for your specific equipment, which can be kept on site for convenience and regular maintenance.


We are supporting you 24/7/365!

FES employs competent and experienced engineers and technicians, guarantees the comprehensive service program for you. FES Service Division supports customers on maintenance and inspection to optimize the operation of equipment, ensures operators are running machines correctly, not only for the production but also for energy efficiency, Gives customer peace of mind. FES has the capability of s comprehensive after sales support and expert service.
Scheduled and preventative maintenance agreements can also be arranged to ensure the efficient and reliability of your system for years to come. Optimum equipment performance will bring maximum profitability.
In addition, FES also provide food processors with expert inspection and service assistance for makes and models from other manufacturers.


Control your total cost of ownership

FES equipment is of ultimate durability and reliability. However, in order to guarantee uptime and the highest yields to keep your competitive edge, it could be necessary to upgrade or rebuild your equipment, which sometimes is a more economical solution than replacement. By rebuilding equipment, we regain or increase the efficiency and performance of your production line, and extend lifecycle of your system. Ask our local representative for an evaluation report.
FES also offers re-building or overhauling for makes and models from other manufacturers.


Skilled and qualified people is the key factor of your business success.

FES provides on-site technical training to ensure that customer people improve the performance of your system. Through customized training plan, your people are always qualified in operating your FES equipment.
Following any installation and acceptance, FES ensures that your staff are adequately trained and can offer regular follow up training for new employees if necessary. The training will be adapted to your requirements and exact application of your FES equipment.