The broad portfolio of equipment & solutions for freezing and food processing. We drive for more value for our customers.


FES provides custom made defrosting systems for efficient and controlled defrosting of deep-frozen food products without drying out. Defrosting equipment is perfectly suited e.g. for defrosting of meat, fish and poultry products.


It is vital that selct right freezing method and equipment configuration for specific food products. Airflow pattern, speed and temperature are the key factors of freezing. Inline air frost removal get uptime approximately 2-3 times longer.


FES offers customized ‘green‘ refrigeration solutions and equipment in more efficient and eco-friendly way that make your business more profitable and sustainable, as able to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.


Conveying your products smartly and safely。 FES dedicates itself to design hygienic conveyance solutions for your food products. Furthermore, automation greatly reduces labour cost and increases efficiency.