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Self-stacking spiral freezer incorporate interlocking self-stacking belt, which tier by tier stacks on robust chain-ball driving system, completed with wire belt mesh and self-supporting side links, belt stack forms special ducting and enclosed freezing zone and works as circulation loop. Controlled cold air travels around food products while circulating through belt stack from the top down, high heat exchange minimizes freezing time and dehydration, achieves maximum throughput in minimal footprint.

The spiral components are delivered as pre-assembled modules for quicker installation whilst the refrigeration station can be delivered in complete piece. All electrical and piping connections between the two pieces of equipment are included and commissioned together.

to ensure reliable, consistent high capacity freezing.


Self-stacking belt, a variety of belt sizes and link heights available.

Belt widths available are 420, 660mm, 760mm, 930mm, 1070mm.

Chain-Ball Drive, ensure reliablibity of belt stack movement.

Centrifugal Fans, generate efficient circulation airflow.

Controlled Vertical Airflow for highly efficiency convection heat removal

Air Balance Regulation avoids cold exfiltration.

Compressed Air Frost Removal extends running times between defrosts.

Range of automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) sanitising systems.

Hygiene design, boost food safety.

Open profile and non-hollow design for frame members and parts, easy access everywhere.


Sequential defrost systems

Steam injection defrost systems

Seam welded enclosure available

Stainless support platform available

Customized layouts and rotations


Self-stacking spiral freezer can handle most belt-transported products especially naked and small size products, even light and spherical products could be safely conveyed through the conveyor belt and not blown off by the air blast.

Typical application include poultry, dumplings, meat cuts, prepared foods, bakery, seafood & aquatic, ice-cream, food pouch, meat product, ready meals, etc. Self-stacking spiral freezer achieves the highest in quality and safety for your food.