FES provides more valuable processing equipment with more cost savings and more profitable. FES contribute to your business success.


FES is an industrial food processing solution integrated supplier in the fields of freezing & refrigeration, thawing system, conveying, automation.

FES is rising to fame for the reliability of equipment and commitment to pioneering technologies. FES is providing wide range of services for food processors including application, euqiment, design, installation, commissioning, training and contract maintenance, etc.

FES maintains in-house engineering, control test, equipment assembly and testing with abundant experience in food processing, FES work intimately with customers from equipment application, integration into process line and to technical service and spare parts supply.FES devotes itself to be the leading supplier of food freezing & processing solutions with the vision of supplying the next generation solutions for the global food-processors.


Our fundamental beliefs – technology, quality, excellence, they are the pivotal drivers that guide our behaviors and attitudes in a FES way, define our aspirations that consistently dedicated to building solid relationships with customers we serve, enabling them to meet increasing challenges of performance, productivity, quality, reliability and return on investment.


Leveraging global thinkings, local resources and leading expertise, establishing close cooperation with customer through geographic presence-FES delivers differentiated and innovative solutions, to help our customers success in the competitive marketplace. Create values for customers, employees and community.

At FES Technologies we have one lofty vision: Dedicated to establish FES as a leading supplier of energy efficient and cost effective freezing and food processing systems, become excellent, respected technology company. Our vision is supported by commitment to relentless improvement and continuous innovation of every individual at FES.


FES is committed to the creation of a positive working and living environment, mutual respect and trust. We provide our employees with competitive salaries and benefits, constantly improve training & career plan, make our employees feel the sense of identification and belonging, enjoy the joy of achievement.


International capital provides sufficient financial support to our fast-growing business, Shanghai Management Center located has built up multiple global sourcing capability in components and parts, raw materials, indirect purchases, transportation/logistics to help customers compete effectively in cost, quality. Meanwhile, is providing technical support and spare parts 24/7 for customers.

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Modular design and manufacture
Factory assembled and tested
Quality assured

Located in Shanghai, by leveraging on the strengths of our world-class standards, leading-edge technologies, outstanding quality, backed by local expertise, Engineering Center is the core of our engineering capability in Asia Pacific Region with a team of full range of disciplines including engineering, assembling and testing, builds world-class, cost effective and efficient food processing equipment with diverse specifications and standards.