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Ideal solution for packed or large size products


Product is fed directly onto the freezer conveyor belt and transported into the freezing zone. Conveyor belt on tier carriers travels up around rotating drum that driven by central capstan drive. The cold air is circulated continuously through product surfaces and evaporator coil by axial fans. Cold air will rapidly freeze the product during conveyor belt movement from infeed to outfeed.

Built in full Stainless Steel construction, FES has set new standards in spiral freezer design and ergonomics, allowing for operational efficiency, ultimate durability, low maintenance, easy cleaning and great flexibility.

Drum spiral freezer of hygiene design features unique pattern of air circulation, ensures even and quick freezing without excessive air speeds that might damage delicate products.

Each freezer can be customized to meet individual customer requirements.


Flat low tension belt design for ultimate life cycle

Handling capacity from 500kg/hr to 6,000kg/hr

Single or double drum, twin belt systems available as well

Range of belt sizes and link heights available

Multitude of belt infeed/outfeed layout combinations

Special frost tolerance designs for extended run times

PLC touch screen control to optimise operation

Range of automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) sanitising systems

Open profile and non-hollow design for frame members and parts, easy access everywhere.

Stainless steel construction and fixings for improved life and hygiene High identify plastics-All plastics are made from UHMW

polyethylene(PE) & acetal(POM), which are approved for food contact to ensure safety

A variety of customized options available to meet specific application conditions


Sequential defrost systems

Steam injection defrost systems

Seam welded enclosure available

Stainless support platform available

Customized layouts and spiral rotations+


Drum spiral freezer is suitable for freezing and chilling food that requires medium to long retention times, especially suitable for large or packaged products, such as poultry, pizza, ready meals, potato products, fish&seafood, desserts, bakery products and ice-cream.